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Discover the cleaner,fresher way to dispense great quality beer.

The DAVID unit from HEINEKEN is one of the most cost effective,flexible dispense systems on the market today.

  • —  No cellar or cellar cooling required

  • —  No line cleaning required

  • —  Great beer every time (with reduced wastage)

  • —  Energy efficient system

  • —  Extended keg life

  • —  Dispenses up to 70 x pints (based on 2 x 20 litre kegs)

    • These unit are from Heineken and are the easiest way to get draught beer for your
      party or event. Each unit takes 2 x 20l kegs. The kegs are cooled inside the unit and each keg comes with its own beer line, so no cleaning is required and crisp fresh beer is served every time. Allow one keg to chill while you serve from the other. Connect the gas and away you go, almost foolproof!!!

      The Heineken 20 litre kegs are £84.00 each incl. VAT
      The Birra Moretti 20 litre kegs are £95.00 each incl. VAT

      Great prices for a premium draught beer...